Trad Tours
Specializing in Traditional Music and Dance Tours
Ireland, Cape Breton, Scotland and Beyond
Trad Tours is an outgrowth of a
passionate interest in traditional Irish
music and set dancing, which I have
been involved in for many years.  In
1999, after having gone on several
"typical" pub tours of Ireland, I was
asked to put together a tour
encompassing the dance and music
found in many parts of the country.  My
first tour was to Dingle and Galway and
I had a fabulous group of cohorts along
to enjoy the sounds and sights!  From
there I have put together several more
tours taking in such sites as Miltown
Malbay, Ennis, Nenagh, Dublin,
Listowel, Sliabh Luchra, Kilfenora,
among other locations in Ireland.  June
2005 saw our debut tour to Cape
Breton Island for a week of traveling
the Ceilidh and Cabot Trails while
enjoying non-stop music and dance.
A large part of the enjoyment of the tours
we have taken in the past is two-fold.  The
first aspect is that of a group of
like-minded persons with a common
interest in the "pure drop" of the music and
dance.  The second aspect is that of the
"off-the-beaten" track focus of our
journeys. As a group we have all had many
years of exposure to the tunes and songs
of Ireland.  We have danced at too many
ceilidhs and set dances to count.  We have
dined together, laughed and cried together,
celebrated births and mourned deaths
together.  We don't always know each and
every person at the outset of the tour, but
by the second or third day we are a
cohesive band of merry-makers and
stalwart friends.  We have traveled to
spots an ordinary tour would probably
by-pass, we have made numerous friends
with the local musicians, dancers,
teachers, and townsfolk.  We always feel
like we are "going home" when we return
to Ireland for another week of craic!  The
camaraderie continues when we return
home to the States through our photo party
reunions held after each tour!  
One of the primary goals of Trad Tours is to travel to areas where we feel a
connection through the people, music and local dance traditions.  We try to
honor requests to visit the ancestral homes of our fellow travelers and we
always open our events to the local musicians and dancers.  This has led to
many reciprocal ceilidhs, workshops and sessions when the folks we've met
travel abroad and make us part of
their tour itineraries.  We also try hard to use
the family-owned hotels, pubs, shops, etc. in order to give the business where
it is most appreciated.

2 finds us doing an Autumn tour to Ireland where we will spend a full week
Cork and Dublin.  Along the way we will be enjoying the music and
dance which are such an important part of any Trad Tour!  Please feel free to
email me at for brochures or information.